Help When You Need It

One of the key local ministries of The Groundswell Church is the Compassion Fund. The purpose of the Compassion Fund is to help individuals who need financial help as they go through difficult times. The original idea for the Compassion Fund was to help individuals who may have lost their jobs/income as a result of business closures due to Covid-19. Since that time, the purpose of the Fund has evolved and is now used to help individuals from our congregation or people connected to our congregation that may be going through a difficult time, regardless of whether it is related to Covid or not.

The Compassion Fund is a segregated Fund, meaning that Compassion funds can only be used to help people in need and cannot be used for any other operating costs.

If you are in need of financial help, please contact, and put “COMPASSION REQUEST” in the Subject line and let us know your need and your request.

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The people at The Groundswell Church come from all different walks of life but ALL come as they are - children of God without expectations.
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