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Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
The Groundswell Church - Living as Light in Dark Times
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Living as light in Dark Times- The Seven Churches Today!
The Church at Pergamum had to deal with being the site of Satan’s Throne in the Roman Empire. How could Christians allow the idolatry and sexual immorality to happen in their midst? Jesus warns that we need to be careful of being too tolerant.
Pastor Cyril uses examples of TV Shows the younger generation loves to watch, the use of comedy, comic books, and more to provide examples of how we have become tolerant of attacks against Christianity.  Different actions that go against scripture are seen as extremely common and cool in today’s generation. He compares these desires as a heavenly feast as opposed to the massive banquet waiting for us in heaven (Manna or Pagan feast) which he compared to a heavenly feast.
We are called to be a church that encourages others:
People are consistently being overcome by powerful spiritual forces and are being weakened to the extent that many of us do not recognize sin anymore in society.  We are called to love, encourage, support, and be in community with others in a formal love feast.  An example of this could be an Engagement Party (preparing and anticipating this exciting wedding) but instead in the excitement for Jesus to come again.

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