The Groundswell Church – Heart Health Part 3 – Hill the Wall

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
The Groundswell Church - Heart Health Part 3 - Hill the Wall

Lead Pastor Cyril Guerette presents the latest sermon

The primary issue of the Wall – My Will vs. Gods

Today we return to the Lord’s prayer to examine if we are actually allowing God to give us direction in our lives.  Imagine how fearful Abraham must have felt when God asked him to follow him without knowing where God was taking him.

God also told him he would have a son when he was far too old.

Matthew6:10– Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Hebrews 11:17-19- Abraham had no idea how sacrificing his son would work out but he trusted God more than anyone. Abraham believed that God could raise his son from the dead and trusted him.

The 6 stages of faith

During this process, you’ll likely hit the wall that God calls us to push through between the serving stage and the inward journey stage.

Jesus teaches us what faith is: trusting God even when we do not feel him.  For example, some people feel like the size of their church is in competition with other churches.  In reality, the size of your church is in competition against the darkness.

During the journey of the Christian life, God wants to come inside of you and replace what is broken with what is good for you.  He seeks to confront our desire to control our personal lives.

What kinds of things are removed from us?

1. Pride and Approval (Greed)
2. Comparing ourselves to others
3. Taking pleasure in blessing then God himself

Perseverance is an act of faith.  God knows that the emotional toll of life can be a lot, but he wants us to come to him for rest and rely on him when we are overwhelmed.

Spending time with God is important.  We need to make time to invest in our relationship with God.

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