State of the Union – Part 3 – Union with Christ

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
State of the Union - Part 3 - Union with Christ

Dr. Cyril Guertte pastor of Groundswell Church speaks on being one with Christ and church followers what does it look like?  As we walk with christ this union becomes more normal through training of being in community with others.

Sometimes these moments are sporadic or fleeting which is evidence of God’s gift of peace and joy that’s not just available in heaven but now.

We need to clear space in our minds and hearts to not only receive the Holy Spirit but to continue to unwrap layers of christ through the process of sanctification.

There is a similarity between becoming one with Christ and oneness with your married spouse.  The union develops over time if you work on it just like a union with Christ.  Additionally, if it’s not worked on and you can’t die to yourself as Christ did for us both our marital and Christ union can collapse.

How can we hold on to the moments and memories we have of our time with God? Union how does it become easier?  We can write down, and capture moments we spend with God just like you would with your family.

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This is the 3rd and final sermon in a 3 part series that was focused on Improving our Union with Christ!  The 1st sermon in the series is available here:


When are you doing when you talk or hear to God?  Are you walking your Dog, reading your bible, having a bath we want to know.

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