State Of The Union – Part 2 – Put On Habits of Faith

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
State Of The Union - Part 2 - Put On Habits of Faith

Dr. Cyril Guertte Lead Pastor of Groundswell Church In Burlington, Ontario Church speaks on the habits of faith that are positive to put on like the Armour of God.  These habits of faith Include; Evangelism, Prayer, Worship, Fasting, and Bible Study.

God asks us to get rid of and put on habits of faith for our benefit similar to how In many video games we put on armour that help’s us and remove Items that weigh us down.

Colossians 3 explores what it means to set your mind on things above and abide in Christ, enabling us to experience the true joy the Father wants to lavish on us.

God can use anything for his glory and lift us up.  Here’s an awesome post on 10 habits or disciplines of faith and how they can be developed and used to serve God!

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This is the 2nd sermon in the 3 part series which was focused on what God calls us to remove that hinders us.  Anything that God asks us to get rid of is for our benefit as It’s damaging our health.  The 1st sermon is available here!


We all struggle to be disciplined in our faith, what habit of faith do you struggle with the most?

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