Living On Borrowed Time – Part 5 – Resources

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Living On Borrowed Time - Part 5 - Resources

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Did you know the book of Zechariah arguably has the most to say about the end times after Revelation?  One example of this is that a horse was a symbol of warrior status in biblical times and a Donkey is a symbol of peace and agricultural status.  By coming into Jerusalem on a donkey he wants to say I am for everyone.

Pastor Cyril Guerette talks about what it’s like to have a mindset of giving others the metaphorical donkey without expecting credit or glory.  This is being made incredibly hard in a culture that is trying to take the stuff away from us with online scams and a call about air duct cleaning every week.

During Covid-19 church attendance and the energy of its members have been down many of us have been wondering why God is doing this.  The answer that Cyril felt God saying as he met with other pastors is that it is time for us to be pruned so the church can become healthier.

The gardener (God) knows what he is doing.  This is an excellent example of the suffering that we are promised to face as Christians and an excellent opportunity for us to bless others during this difficult time.

When Jesus was cut down on the cross it fulfilled the entire universe forever.  Like the devoted followers of Jesus praising God during these difficult times is how we show God we are devoted followers.  As we bless others during this difficult time it also shows others how blessed we are as well.

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