Living On Borrowed Time – Part 2 – Stewardship

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Living On Borrowed Time - Part 2 - Stewardship
Money in the bible

Each servant was given a different amount of money

Pastor Bryan O’Gorman continues our series called “Living On Borrowed Time” where he teaches on Stewardship.  Bryan talks about how the accumulation of wealth isn’t important but through the process of sanctification, knowing God is infinitely important.
In 2Corinthians Paul teaches us that we are called to be generous stewards with what God has given us. It does not take a huge quantity of money to obscure our journey with God. That is why 1/3 of Jesus’ parables in the four gospels alone (228 times he says the word money), and more than faith/prayer combined. Jesus says “Where your treasure is, that is where your heart is also.”
We often forget that everything in our lives is not our own, especially when we put tremendous effort into reaching a goal I.e. a promotion or sports championship. We have a responsibility as Christ-followers to be good stewards of everything the Earth has to offer us. We must be careful to not let money cause us to wander away from our faith and enter a very dark space.
Money is not evil, it’s a good thing but the love of money is a root that can lead to great evil. Is it seen as a way to bless others or a way to achieve personal gain?
Story of the 3 Servants Parable:
Brian describes this with a famous parable from Matthew about the three servants that God gives money to based on their abilities. He gave each servant a different amount of money and as expected the servant he gave the least to was afraid and hid the money so he wouldn’t lose it whereas the other servants doubled the money they were given.
1. God has given and entrusted us each with gifts.
2. God doesn’t expect us to always use these gifts wisely, he judges us differently (each of the three servants was given different amounts.
3. We are accountable to God when we freely choose God’s will.
When we step out in faith and try serving even in ways we don’t think we’ll be good at it’s amazing how God uses us. Just remember giving is a blessing and we are to do so joyfully without expecting anything back in exchange.
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