Living on Borrowed Time – Body – Part 3

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Living on Borrowed Time - Body - Part 3

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Pastor, Cyril begins continues week 3 of our brand new series called “Living On Borrowed Time” where he calls us to consider how we could be using the time that is “Lent” to us.

God wants us to love him with our bodies (1corinthians9:27) resisting the desires of our flesh.  Paul is talking about his spiritual journey and the parts of our body that we need to control.  An issue with this is that our bodies give us instant pleasure (release of dopamine) like drugs, social media, fast food, sex, etc.

Our bodies will be treasured when we can resist the temptation and delay our desire for instant gratification.  If we become too dependent on social media or anything else that can provide us with instant satisfaction that won’t last long term we trap ourselves in becoming depressed longer term.

When we practice fasting or restraining ourselves from certain things as we do during the period of Lent it has an amazing individual benefit in our personal relationships with God.  Make sure that your fasting goes hand in hand with prayer so you can better build the fruits of the spirit.

We are not just recommended to take care of our bodies spiritually.  Having poor nutrition and not exercising can limit where our bodies can physically go or do for God.  It is also important to have a great sleep so your body can recover the way it’s meant to.

Since our bodies are so important to God we should ask ourselves daily, how am I using my body to help others.  Many of our members have thought about how Church can help others with their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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