Groundswell Church – Living On Borrowed Time – Part 1

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Groundswell Church - Living On Borrowed Time - Part 1

How are you using your 24 hours of time?

Dr. Cyril Guerette talks about preparing and how we are living on borrowed time.  He dives into scripture giving examples of how we are to best spend our time on earth i.e. submitting to one another’s needs and serving one another.

It is important to listen to God and understand what our individual and collective missions are and how God wants us to prepare for these missions at different stages of our life.  When we break down the areas where we give our time and discern how to schedule our time it can be overwhelming.

How do we do this?

Do we make time for ourselves and are we making time for God?

It is important to take time for ourselves (the sabbath) so we can rest and spend time with family and friends but also to spend time with God.  The time that we take out of our days to give to God is incredibly important for our redemption.

During this time we are actually being the most productive despite what our culture might believe about productivity.  God wants us to make use of our time knowing that it isn’t our own and also prioritizing our time i.e. family, friends, work, church, serving, helping those in need.

Along with our time which God has given you how are you going to use the talents God has given you?  When we can use our time and talents to best glorify God each day we are truly living to serve and love others.

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