Good Neighbors Sermon- Eat Together

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Good Neighbors Sermon- Eat Together
Good Neighbors eat together

Good Neigbors spiritual habit of eating together

Mike Frost’s book on the 5 spiritual habits talks about living your life as good neighbors so that it makes others ask you questions by doing things that surprise other people.

This Mother’s Day our Associate Pastor Darin Martin talked about eating together and the impact of food in ministry.

Jesus is the ultimate example of doing things that wouldn’t be normal and lead to questions being raised out of curiosity about why he does these things.

Jesus would commonly preach about being good neighbors take time of eating to teach others about the father.  Some examples of this include; feeding the 5000 and healing Peter’s mother-in-law.

Jesus would commonly eat food with tax collectors leading to barriers and causing questions to be raised.

Tax collectors were known as the lowest of society whereas the Pharisees that he would convict were held in high respect.

We tend to eat three times a day why not eat one with someone else? This week let’s eat a meal with someone else.

You can surprise this friend by encouraging them during the meal, paying for the meal, preparing the meal, etc.

When you sit down with a friend Jesus should be such a big part of your life that it comes up naturally.  As we listen to the Holy Spirit and share about your life and stories your story and what is happening in your life can’t be offensive.

Action steps to being good neighbors:

1. Ask the Holy Spirit who we should invite for lunch
2. Take the step and invite someone to eat with them
3. Listen to the spirit and allow your stories and what is going on in your life to be shared without it being offensive or making someone uncomfortable

The stories of what Jesus has done with food are amazing.  The story may have started with a story about Mexican hamburgers but the importance of this message is that God calls us to eat together.

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