Good Neighbors Series – Jesus Sends Us

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Good Neighbors Series - Jesus Sends Us

Jesus Sent Us

Jesus sends us to represent God in heaven and our spiritual family.  During our week we are sent to represent God’s kingdom at work, out in our communities, and at social gatherings.

John20:20-  When he had said this, he showed them his hands and his side.
The reason that the holy spirit stays within us is to help us as we are sent to serve the kingdom of God.  My favorite quote about this is “We are all zealous goers or zealous senders” which a global missions mentor once told me.  In terms of missions in general we are all called to go and serve God’s kingdom from the moment that the Holy Spirit comes and dwells within us.
As we go we are called to be people of forgiveness and peacemaking. We are also supposed to be a people of justice by looking around and striving to be fair.  Look around and strive to fix things that aren’t right like; poverty, bullying, racism, exclusion, etc seek to correct this issue.
Another attribute of God is beauty, and we are called to reclaim beauty in what it means to God.  Remember, Jesus sends us on a mission to love and serve others.
God also represents wholeness (to be one with others) which could look like being there for others.  God calls us to be in unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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