Good Neighbors – Listen To God’s Voice

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Good Neighbors - Listen To God's Voice

listen to God's voice through prayer

To listen to God’s voice and Eliminate distractions in our lives can be weird and will take a lifetime of practice to effectively listen to God’s voice even if you can eliminate all your distractions.

This is done by listening to the Holy Spirit (Aka Listen to God’s voice) and knowing how to discern if what you’re hearing is from God by filtering it through scripture. Be sure to talk less and listen more.

Theresa, a saint from the middle ages said if you can bare the process of looking at the unpleasant side of yourself, you open up a place for Jesus to come into your life.

We need to represent Jesus by not judging anyone and not being strict with the rules like the Pharisees. Instead, follow in the actions that Jesus would choose for any situation that you find yourself in. Essentially we want to be living our lives as a representation of the Holy Spirit within us (essentially an Anti-Pharisee).

If you are an active extrovert you may struggle with this tip which is to engage in active listening prayer. That doesn’t mean that the Holy Spirit won’t guide you at specific moments though. While on a mission trip in Peru I would feel God lead me to talk to specific people that were open to learning about God at different points in the trip.

For many of us, we’ll feel like we need a clear answer to God’s prayer instantly, and will forget the importance of listening to the spirit.

Also, please remember to test the spirit because we can often be directed by what we truly want for our lives. This means to listen and ask otherwise Christians in your life and get an unbiased opinion of if what your feeling aligns with what scripture tells us to do.

At the end of every service, we have community time where we talk about personal experiences in our lives that relate to the sermon. This is an amazing community time where we inspire one another with our stories.

You can listen to an audiobook to learn to listen to God’s voice here:

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