Good Neighbors – Let Your Light Shine

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Good Neighbors - Let Your Light Shine

The light of Jesus

How do we go about our day-to-day life showing the light of Jesus naturally in conversation?

Jesus is saying do not fall victim to what society says because we are all called to be engaged with others and let others see Jesus by the ways we show love.
Pastor Guerette emphasized safety but encouraged us to speak and love strangers. Every stranger processes a unique story, an opportunity, a potential new friendship, and putting a smile on their face opens a door for Jesus to enter their lives.
If you are able to connect with someone and identify a similarity it’s a lot easier to build a relationship. Some things that are easy to connect over are; family, food, dance, music, school, work, and your experiences.
Be sure to take a genuine approach. Don’t listen to them looking for an opportunity to throw Jesus at them. Genuinely, take an interest in what they are saying and who they are. We all need love and showing them God’s unconditional love is a great first step in helping them to love Jesus in a deeper, more intimate way.
When you invest in their well-being and show them your own light (blessing others) we also feel more like disciples of Jesus. You never know where a random conversation may go or how it could change someone’s life forever. In fact, sometimes a random stranger’s opinion is more comfortable and people are willing to have heavy conversations with you because they’ll likely never see you again.
Feel free to take this past talking and consider how you can bless others by the tips you see, hosting an event for someone, bringing someone a meal, etc. As we let our light loose the Holy Spirit is also let loose.

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