Formed Through Community – Learn to Pray Together

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Formed Through Community - Learn to Pray Together

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Dr. Cyril Guerette talks about what it truly means to have one mind when we pray together in a community.  The book of Acts talks about the supernatural special union that takes place that is so unique to the church.  The Holy Spirit is like a musical conductor who creates a union of our hearts like the musical conductor guides all the instruments in unison.

Jesus said that we should be praying and seeking the Lord daily but also pray with others.  Make sure that you have time during your week to pray with other Christians in communal prayer as this is very important to make it a priority in your lives.  It can also be done over Zoom or another video platform you don’t have to be physically together.

The prayers don’t have to belong, many of the Pharisees were criticized by Jesus for saying long great prayers in public but not praying when alone.  When you hear bad news or things come up pray over it with your partner.

This doesn’t have to be a romantic partner.  You can call up a friend to pray about stuff that is going on in the world.  Many people are terrified about praying in groups, but when you do pray even short prayers Jesus is honored even more by prayers from these people.

An example of a quick prayer for someone who recently got laid-off from their job:  God, please help Joe.

Let your prayer life show others how much Jesus loves them.

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