Formed Through Community- Gaining Wisdom

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Formed Through Community- Gaining Wisdom
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prayer is a great way to seek wisdom

If you have a friend who is willing to look out for a stranger is someone you will want in your circle of friends.

Jesus taught in Israel to take care of the outsiders and oppressed.

It is important to have wisdom and character to take care of everyone that is around you.

Proverbs 27 Scripture Teaching:

Proverbs 27:17: The idea of this verse is that you are a piece of iron and other people are the hammers.  Depending on who you have in your life they can shape you in a positive or negative way.

Proverbs27:12:  The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

Proverbs27:14- Think about who you have around you.  15-16 is the constant negativity of your relationships wearing you down and causing you suffering?

Verse 20:  Death and destruction are never satisfied and neither are human eyes.  What do your friends watch or look at?  Verse 21:  people are tested by how they respond to praise.

Verse 22:  Don’t look at people as projects in friendships there has to be a desire in a person’s heart to change and then God will change them not yourself.

How can I gain wisdom?

Wisdom calls us to focus on who is influencing us.  As humans it is impossible to not be influenced by those around us but are we influenced by satan, social media, inappropriate TV shows, coworkers.

As a second step to determine if they are a good influence on you think about who is influencing them?

Think instead of the Jesus’ followers in your life and the influence they have on you.  Or the neighbor who is eager to help out anyone that is in need.

Boundaries are also really important in your relationships to protect yourself from the negativity that can damage your mental health.    If something is going to have a damaging effect on your mental health make sure you address it.

You may also need to place boundaries on the media you choose to watch if it has a bad influence on you.

Lead Pastor Cyril Guerette challenges us to spend more time with people the pour goodness into our lives to help shape us.  As others shape you in a positive way it becomes easier for Jesus to use you to shape others as well.

We pray that each one of you would have around you others that can shape you to be more and more like Jesus each day.

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