Formed Through Community – Creating A Culture of Christ


What does community look like?

Dr. Cyril Guerette speaks on the lessons of 1Timothy on respect in terms of showing respect, giving recognition, interacting with love, and our duty to look out for those who are in need.

Timothy talks about respect treat older women as lovingly as you would your mom. Treat younger and or women your age as your sister.

Respect is not about shaming anyone about where they are.  This doesn’t mean that we never rebuke or bring anything up that needs to be addressed but whenever you do it with love and purity.

Timothy points out in the example of widows who didn’t have any funds, single mothers and the most vulnerable treat them with respect and take care of them financially but also with proper recognition.

Those in need show us the dependence that we should have in our personal relationships with God and the reassurance that God does look after the less fortunate.

How are you helping others (the poor, within your spiritual family, with prayer, financially)? Do you have mutual respect for others in different stages of life as you?

Every step and breath we take should show others that we are living in the glory of God.  How we treat and love others should reflect our identity in Jesus Christ as well.

By doing these things others will know God because it’ll be obvious that we are a people that are a reflection of God. Jesus wants to build up a culture of kindness, and he wants to use you to do it.  Will you respond?

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