Daniel 6 – Shut the Mouth of the Lion

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Daniel 6 - Shut the Mouth of the Lion

Daniel who was a professor of Babylonia literature is placed over 40 kings and has a portrait painted of him as being a very powerful man.  Daniel is confronted by schemers who trick king Darrius to create a law that would ultimately force him into throwing Daniel into the Lion’s Den.  Does God Intervene or have you heard this story before?  Either way, you’ll want to hear about how God responds to faithfulness, prophet prayer, and every other thought that goes through Daniels’s and our own minds as he’s in the Lion’s Den.  How powerful is prayer?  Join Dr. Cyril Guerette who unpacks the faithfulness of Daniel and posture towards God.

lion and lioness lying on green grass during daytime