Christmas Psalms – Part 4 – Love of God

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Christmas Psalms - Part 4 - Love of God
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week 4 of our advent series on the love of God.

Introduction to God’s Love:

The love of God is the most profound experience we will ever have.  The ability to experience and give love you others. Advent is about waiting patiently and being hopeful waiting for the presence of Christ.  Psalms are a collection of ancient songs dedicated to worshipping God with hope and confidence.

King David talks to his people about how God works for righteousness and justice for the oppressed.  How he makes clear his ways through his word and various examples.  He spoke to Moses famously through the burning bush, Noah with clear instructions, Nehemiah, Elijah, and every single person called of God in a unique way that’ll reach us in a way that calls us to respond.
David was able to speak with so much wisdom about God’s intentions and heart because he got to understand God’s heart and we need to do this too.  God sees the big picture for the world and by understanding his corrections, heart, and instruction we can understand the love and feel God’s love this Christmas.
How can we give God’s Love to others?
In 1967 there was a story about a boy who stole a bike and the owners found out where the bike was taken.  When the Dad and the boy found where the bike was taken they knocked on the door.  They noticed that they had no light, no food, and the boy wasn’t going to have anything for Christmas so he took the bike.
They returned home and after the Dad talked to his wife they gathered a turkey dinner into a container, a bag of coal, an older bike they were not using, and the monetary equivalent of a $100 bill for the grandfather that was caring for the boy so they could have a nice Christmas.
Christmas is literally a cyclical reminder of the energy of love.  It is not meant to just be received but also to be given to others.  He bent all of creation to his love, forgiveness, mercy, and justice.  Everything, God acts on is centered around God before he acts.
How do we receive and give the love of God in our lives?
  1. By first loving God.
  2. Pay it forward.
  3. Love those who hurt us.
  4. Keep our eyes open to where he is active, his love is with those who fear him.
Psalm 103: 2-3 bless the lord o my soul and forget not all his benefits.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.