Distracted & Forgetful Sermon Series – Part 1

Sunday Sermons
Sunday Sermons
Distracted & Forgetful Sermon Series - Part 1
Distracted and Forgetful Focus on Jesus
Jesus gave a special message to 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation. We begin our new series looking at Ephesus and a church that became distracted and forgetful of their first love.
Many of the largest challenges that churches have are regarding becoming distracted and forgetting that our primary focus should be Jesus. Every church is a representation of Jesus and every church has a problem showing this to others.
The churches in the Book of Revelation lost their interest in the church in a similar fashion to Christians today as a result of COVID-19, we’ve gotten too comfortable with the virtual church. Technology was a great tool to meet when in-person service was not safe but was never meant to be a permanent solution.
This can also be compared to scheduling your time to prioritize the marriage to your spouse, even in the midst of many other requirements and responsibilities. We can get into an unfortunate habit of creating poor patterns of straying from God, especially today. In the technology and manufacturing age, there is a new game, app, toy, or activity that we can easily become addicted to. Just as distracted driving kills people, distracted minds kill our spiritual relationship with Jesus.
Even though the church is in danger of becoming incredibly distracted, we still have Jesus who loves us so much and will lead us back to him.

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